September 9th, 2013
To the class of 1958:

I genuinely appreciate the interest that the class of 1958 has in what is going on at Mankato West High School!   I am very proud of our school and the amazing things happening at Mankato West.  Here are just a few things I’d like to share with you:

Academically, our students are thriving:

Our athletic teams and arts are also in full bloom. We've had some state champions, amazing performances and talented competitors. This fall we will be having our school musical which is coming up on mid November if anyone wants to join us. This year they are doing the Wizard of Oz and it promises to be a great performance. We are also expecting to have one or more teams in the state tournament again this fall and winter, so pull out your Scarlet red and be sure to follow our teams in person or online. Often state tournament games are webcast on the internet so even those who love miles way from Mankato can join in and cheer for the Scarlets. I recall one alum talking about watching state football at the Pentagon one time.

Last spring our students were excited to welcome back to the Mankato Area Mr. Dan Akerson, the CEO of General Motors and 1966 graduate of Mankato High School. He delivered an inspirational message and address to our student body during an awards assembly, one that was really well received by our students and other guests. Fred, you and Mr. Klar could certainly attest to that! Last spring we also changed the tradition of our Graduation Ceremony location. After years of trying to guess the weather patters of Todnem field, we moved our graduation to MSU Taylor Center. It was a beautiful ceremony and venue and we look forward to continuing that new tradition with our wonderful partners at MSU.

This fall we are also starting our first ever Mankato High School/Mankato West High School Hall of Fame. We will induct our first class in October, but plan to continue to seek out and recognize our successful alumni and friends for years to come. If any members of the class of 1958 can help us find and nominate deserving candidates, we would love that chance. Nomination forms can be found on our website, This hall of fame is not just for athletics. It is for anyone who has achieved in their profession, athletics, entertainment, science, technology, community service, etc. Announcements will be made soon about our first ever class, but I'd love to have more nominations for our induction in fall of 2014. This is also a great way to celebrate the rich history of Mankato West High School.

Also this fall, the Mankato District is also putting a bond vote to our community. While I will not get into all of the details of that vote, there is a project on the ballot that involves West High School, which would include a renovation of our cafeteria space. With our enrollment, flexible learning space needs and visibility, the cafeteria would be a large open space combining the current cafeteria and little theater into a single space. More information about this will be available on our district website,

Last but certainly not least, we have homecoming 2013 in just a couple of weeks, Friday, October 4. I'd like to extend a warm invitation to join us again (and thanks to those who joined us 5 short years ago.) Alumni are invited to our cafeteria at West High School starting around 10 AM for coffee and rolls hosted by our booster club. Our coronation ceremony begins at 11 AM. If a larger number of people are planning to attend, please contact our activities direction, Mr. Brian Fell, so we can reserve a section to have the class of 1958 sit together. We also play our football game that evening at 7 PM, where the Scarlets, who last week were rated #2 in the state, will take on Rochester Century.

Congratulations again to the class of 1958. Warm wishes from the current students and staff of Mankato West. Go Scarlets.

Brian M. Gersich
Mankato West High School
507.387.3461 x3802

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