Amazing Attributes of Aging: Silly & Sacred Stories of Blue Garter Friends
by Judy Strand Appel and Mary Hesla Huntley

This book was released April 2009 and was self-published in Mankato telling the stories of MHS gals growing up in Mankato and graduating from MHS 1958. It is better than the best seller about the "Girls From Ames" who claim 40 years of friendship among 11 women. These MHS gals have over 50 years of friendship among 36 women; 30 of whom are still connected. The book title is: Amazing Attributes of Aging: Silly & Sacred Stories of Blue Garter Friends. The book is co-authored by Judy and Mary with many other classmates sharing their stories. Check their web site for more information and how to purchase a book:

The Whizbang’s of Oohs and Ahs: America’s Salesmen, Their Lore, Lives, and Laughs
by Ronald Solberg

This comprehensive and generously illustrated collection is a lively and loving history celebrating the richness of America’s traveling salesman tradition and the ways that the men and women of the road profoundly affected the American way of life through both word and deed. Composed of hundreds of tales, anecdotes, quotes, stories, and thumbnail biographies, the author has compiled an entertaining historical pageant that has been more than 300 years in the making. Learn about the great and the infamous, their pitches and scams, successes and failures, and the humor both by and about them.

Ron grew up as the son of a Fuller Brush Man and went on to become a door-to-door salesman himself, working his way through college by selling brushes, brooms, and waves. Although Ron would become a high school English and journalism teacher, the salesman bug remained firmly planted. For complete information see the website at

Play Away Please
by John Peter Hagen 

My love affair with St Andrews and the Old Course began in 1964, and to this day, St Andrews remains one of my favorite places to visit and the Old Course is still among my favorite places in the world to play golf. Once you get there, meet the wonderful people and play golf, you understand what it is – one of the most beautiful places in the world. In this book, John transports you to the magical lands through the eyes of golf’s greatest icon – the Old Course Starter’s Box – and gives a revealing portrait of the icon’s sale, the town and a ‘wee’ bit of history and lore. Bob Jones often said that if a golfer is to be remembered, he must win the Open Championship at St Andrews. This book is a way of remembering the honesty and integrity the game of golf represents – and stirring the passion in every golfer to make the pilgrimage to St Andrews. Published in 2013 by Random House

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